Monday, 2 March 2009

north downs way - redhill to titsey place

There's a sense of incoherence to this section of the North Downs Way because it crosses a number of motorways and main roads. No fault of the route planners; they had to do the best they could with limited options. And the amount of road walking that this section has compared to previous sections bears this out. Although there are a few picturesque spots along the way (technical issues with camera prevented capture of some unfortunately).


A walk is not always about the scenery and over these last couple of trips the three of us have settled into an amiable, fun, gentle leg pulling camaraderie. This easy going approach suits me just fine. With Darren shouldering his proposed gear selection for this year's challenge the idea started to take seed in my mind about doing next years with him, well may be, just may be.

Trig point near Chaldon

South of Woldingham the path drops to within a couple of hundred metres of the M25 along the foot of Oxted Downs to circumnavigate a quarry. Even with the east bound carriage way at a virtual standstill the monotonous moan of the motorway made these last few kilometres a headache inducing experience. I was glad when the path headed up and away past Titsey Place to the car park at Botley Hill where we'd left our car.


Worthing Wanderer said...

You are right - not the best section of the NDW and I shoudl imagine the road noise during the winter must be deafening. BUT there are some great views both north and south from this section and I did find the Whitehill Tower interesting

baz carter said...

I try and write as positively about my experiences as I can but I struggled with this section. There are some interesting bits and fine views to be had for sure but overall a poor relation to what came before.