Wednesday, 4 March 2009

mini bull designs gnome stove

A while ago I was considering options for cooking on the trip to the Picos de Europa in July and I've convinced myself that I want to take my Bush Buddy Ultra - I am an addict after all. But I wanted to add in a small meths burner for when I can't find any or enough wood for my needs.

I've an AGG Pepsi can stove but as it has side jets the flames are too wide for the Snow Peak 900 that I'll be packing the Bush Buddy in. So I had a look around for a top burning stove that would work with the pot support from the Bush Buddy.

I've been impressed with the Gnome stove on the times that Darren packed one on our jaunts along the North Downs Way. And at 11g it's not going to break my back (nor at $10 my bank balance) if I pack it and it doesn't get much, if any, use.

Gnome with pot stand and windshield

The stove comes with a pot stand that a Snow Peak 600 mug sits happily on, so with that combo I have an ultra light solo cook set which is an added bonus. And the height of it isn't much different from that of the pan support on the Bush Buddy. One concern is the narrowness of the base, it's only 34mm across, which might give rise to stability issues. A flat, level piece of ground to site it on is essential then, although admittedly it doesn't have to be a very wide piece! The stove is spill proof which is handy given the above.

I've seen this stove in action so I know what to expect. I'll just do a couple of try outs with the pots and stands mentioned above, and make a windshield for the solo cook set. And it's job done.


Martin Rye said...

I commented on Section Hiker the other day that those wood stoves need a back up option like a meths stove for days where there is a lack of wood etc. Then they make a good choice for backpacking. That little stove looks like it will fit the bill perfectly. The Picos de Europa sounds like a dream trip. I'm looking forward to reading about that Baz.

Anonymous said...

There’s not many trees up high in the Picos, but dont worry you can always use the goat dung!

Martins idea of a backup stove is a very worthwhile one. A small bottle of flammable fuel can be a godsend in cold wet conditions.

baz carter said...

I had a chat with Bob at BPL a while ago about the same issue. All the trips I've been on since buying one I've kept a fuel hunting eye open and am certain that a back up isn't necessary. It's the quality and quantity of the wood that's the issue, and it's for this reason that I'd take a back up.

baz carter said...

I bloody well hope that the Picos arent going to be cold and wet in July!!

Anonymous said...

the only certainty about the weather is the uncertainty!......but I'm sure you will have a fantastic time

Unknown said...

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