Wednesday, 11 March 2009

seal-a-meal vacuum packer

I spotted this device on one of Tinny's videos and was surprised to find that it's available in the UK via amazon.

For anyone who uses a dehydrator this is a great piece of complimentary kit. Simply because vacuum packed dried food keeps fresher longer, so there's no need to keep the stuff you've dried in the freezer. Sucking the air out also reduces bulk of the meals which means more room in your rucksack.

There is a downside and that is cost; the device retails for £29.95 (postage was free) and the consumables (bags) are also costly. The bags are re-usable though but care would be needed when opening to ensure that they can be used more than few times.

I've bagged up the food for this weekend's trip along the North Downs Way and now have some dinky crushed looking meals like the noodle one below.

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