Thursday, 26 March 2009

aquagear travel tap water filter

Ordered one of these up from Bob and Rose at backpackinglight as part of my kit for the trip to the Picos de Europa in July.

It looks like a standard sports water bottle, in fact with the filter removed it can be used as such. It comes supplied with an insulated pouch and shoulder strap which I'll probably not use. (I've already commandeered the strap for use with a Lowe Pro camera bag.)

Filter, bottle and cap

Use is straightforward; fill with water, prime and flush the filter, and drink clean bug and chemical free water. Or use to fill up your pan or bladder if using one. Simple and effective.

Like with the earlier model the inked on logo and instructions have started to wear off after just one use. As this is a no-brainer to use, I think I'll just finish the process and remove the remaining markings. The weight of the unit is 150g and as this includes the weight of a bottle it's a very lightweight solution for when water treatment is required.

I'm out at the weekend so will pack the Travel Tap and will try and hunt out cattle troughs or other sources of dodgy water to give it a try.

Cattle trough found

Of course there's no guarantee that you'll find water in one though!


andy said...

just a little filter tip that I am sure you already know.
always try to go for the cleanest source around....
dirty sources will quickly block your filter

oh and cow water sucks! although as far as I know sheep water is worse in terms of bacteria
also I was shocked to find 'filters do not remove virus's?' Is that true?>

more the reason to find clean sources

baz carter said...

There's a fair bit of banter on OM, including some from Giles the guys from drinksafe/aquagear here

Unknown said...

Keep on drinking clean water and find the best water filters for securing that the water you drink is clean.

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