Saturday, 7 March 2009

coffee bags

I found these in the same shop as the Silly Feet silicon muffin cases. Originally intended for making bouquet garni, the bags can also be used for making herbal teas. Or in my case coffee.

Reuse not recycle

They come in packs of four and each bag weighs a miserly 2g. I put a tablespoon of cafetiere grade ground coffee in each bag, enough for that morning caffeine kick. When finished with the bags can be turned inside out and rinsed out. I enjoy a morning coffee when out on the hills so I'll just take a bag for each day I'm out, which is a much lighter option than a mug mate and a container of coffee.


Anonymous said...

good idea
in the USA you can buy singles coffee tea bags....can you buy those here?
may have to use these

baz carter said...

They used to selll coffee bags some time ago but I've not seen them for ages.