Thursday, 23 October 2008

urban ramblings

Some times work and family commitments, usually the latter, take precedence over a weekend in the hills. So what does a Londoner do if he cant escape the Big Smoke? He makes the most of the green spaces that the City has to offer.

The Capital Ring is an easy route that circumnavigates London linking up some of the capital open spaces like Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common. It's not the sort of path that you'd want to backpack around - the opportunity to pitch a tent is limited. And let's face it would you really want to?

As the route is crisscrossed by roads and public transport it makes sense to cut the route into day sized chunks as suggested on the TFL web site.

Other urban rambles include the Thames Path and the Regents Canal Walk. Again both easily accessible by public transport.

Less formal rambling can be had by just following your nose around the some of the tiny streets of the City of London. One such free form wandering lead me down a cul de sac where a tiny cottage, dwarfed and swamped by huge glass sky scraper buildings, was the house where John Wesley's mother was born and lived.

It's not valleys, summits, moors and mountains but at least I'm not sitting indoors watching crap TV.

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Unknown said...

All about getting out there and stretching the legs. Quite often I overlook a spare couple of hours where I could be walking locally. There are quite a few nice paths and circular walks on my doorstep and I'm guilty of being blind to them and it needs to stop God damn it...