Tuesday, 14 October 2008

it's a numbers game

I've been wading through a number of documents downloaded from several web sites that specialise in diabetes management for active people. Runsweet.com a UK based site has some information but nothing specific to backpacking. I joined a yahoo group that I found via the MAD web site and am waiting to see what comes back from the postings I've made. The focus of this site is predominantly alpine or high altitude climbing, so I'm not expecting much.

The information I have gathered has made me focus on the daily control of my diabetes which is useful in it own right for a number of obvious reasons. And should be the starting point of how I manage the condition out on the hills.


Anonymous said...

You ever tried a pump? A friend of mine has used one for ten years and it seems to control very well.

baz carter said...

I got close to applying for the funding of one. But ended up on a trial for Lantus (Glargine) which works just as well, for me at any rate.

The approach with this is the same as a pump because the insulin works on a slow timed release, and a pump delivers an hourly dose.