Friday, 10 October 2008

new mexico looms

Once again I am back into town after a particularly tough section. Two days with 16000 feet of up and down, then a 20 mile plus day that nearly killed me. I'm now having a rest day before setting off for the New Mexico border, although its still over 150 miles to go.

Those of you who are fans of David Lynch will remember 'Twin Peaks' and possibly other weird and wonderful films responsible for giving me many strange dreams and sleepless nights. incidentally the film 'Inland Empire' was possibly the oddest film I have ever seen, featuring a rabbit soap opera.

We were walking towards a town or village called Twin Lakes, where the local towering mountains are called 'Twin Peaks'! It would seem appropriate if something weird and wonderful happened.

Brian had emailed the 'CDT post forum' to announce we had made it to Colorado, and did any hikers want to meet up. It's lonely out here. He had a brief email from a guy in Twin Lakes saying he could put us up. But then Brian replied and the guy never got back to us, so we thought ok no problems. On the way in we kind of lost the trail and 'just headed' towards the big lake to pick up our resupply boxes from the shop. We ended up walking in a circle and going down a dead end. When we turned back a guy was walking towards us. Thinking we were going to get told 'get off my land!' The guy said: 'Hello Brian, Andy and Selena!' I looked at Brian and didn't know what to say. It turned out to be the guy that Brian had received the email from, and it turned out we had walked right to his house. Bearing in mind we had just walked through a massive forest... how strange is that?

He cooked up some food for us and offered us room in his Teepee for the night. This was a really kind offer. I asked the guy what he did but he was pretty vague 'art, music and business interests.' He just seemed interested in what we were doing.

After a damp night in the Teepee we headed on our way. Or rather I headed off, wanting to make some progress, while B&S stayed for cooked breakfast.


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