Wednesday, 29 October 2008

elan valley

Mindful of the weather we are experiencing at the moment I'm keeping a close eye on the forecast. This lunchtime I've revised the kit list to deal with the anticipated chill. When I'm planning trips I always keep a weather eye open and shuffle stuff around to suit. I like to make sure I'm going to be comfortable without suffering a huge weight increase. The word huge is highly subjective in this case; what I might consider huge others might not.

Psychometric testing shows that I'm risk adverse. Strange given that I climb and have solo-ed a number of, albeit easy, routes but that's for another time. So I'm always likely to put safely first but I'm not going to hide under the duvet and not go. Where's the fun in that?

I've done a fair bit of winter camping so I'm looking forward to breathing the clean, clear sharp air and views as far as my eyes can see. Unless, of course, the weather goes wildly awry and it suddenly turns damp and claggy. Eyes fixed firmly on the forecast then.


Unknown said...

I'm the same with packing and the weather. I tend to be over cautious this time of year as not to be caught out. I think the one thing I'm missing from a full on winter wardrobe is a down jacket. Got my eye on the Montane Antifreeze.....

baz carter said...

The down vest is on the list!