Wednesday, 15 October 2008

kit niggles

Various bits of kit that I've gathered have now been tested; some tweaks are required and some issues need to be resolved.

The Helion2 is a comfortable shelter for two but for one the bulk of the tent compared with the Hut2 is causing me to have doubts about whether I want to use it on solo ventures, specifically on the Pennine Way.

The most irritating issue is that of my boots. Back in April I bought a pair of Meindl Softline Lites to replace the pair I had that I'd worn out. I'd not worn them as I'd been trying out non boot options throughout the Spring and Summer. The forecast for the Buxton trip was wet so these were the footwear of choice knowing what the some of the terrain was going to be like especially on the second day. Day one they were fine but about an hour into the second day I started feeling a dampness around the heels. I was wearing gaiters with over trousers over the top so I am sure that this wasn't due to seepage down my legs. Neither did I step in anything that was deep and wet enough to get a bootful. The feeling of which is more pronounced than the slow rising damp that I was experiencing.

The upshot of this is that I have return them to the shop and they'll go off to Germany for tests, and I'll be bootless for who knows how long. If they are defective there's a chance that they wont get replaced as they aren't making these any more. Having tried pretty much every boot available these are the only ones that fit my feet. 

Looks like I'm going back to using trainers and carrying a tarp. At least I know that the former are meant to leak and the later won't eat up all my pack space.


Anonymous said...

My trainers don't leak, except through the large hole in the top, where you put your foot...

Martin Rye said...

The Pennine way is likely to be wet. One of theses days I will scan some of my photos of my trip on it and post them on my site. I have one where I am standing on the trail in water over the top of my boots. Lucky the gaiters kept out the water as I moved along that section. It is a long walk and kit flaws will show up. I used an Osprey pack. TGO raved about it. It was rubbish and 150miles up the trail bits broke or burst through the fabric. Kit choice will make or break it for you.

baz carter said...

Martin, I know that all too well hence my disappointment with the boots. The first pair I had lasted four or more years and covered hundreds of miles across peak bogs, rain sodden hills and footpaths in Wales that were mini rivers!

Most annoying was that Penny was wearing a pair of the same over that weekend and her feet stayed dry :(

Anonymous said...

I'd get some approach shoes if I were you Baz...... :)

I was up Buxton way the other day and it was a glorious evening preceeded by an absolute drenching

the upside was that it cleared teh visibility and was treated to a stonkin sunset


baz carter said...

My Salomons are pretty much bust, so I'm off to costworlds tomorrow to see if those natty inov8 fit my toes.