Monday, 6 October 2008

OMM Villain

Having purchased this bag a few months back I've only used the bag for day walks thus far, so a trip to the Peaks this weekend was an ideal opportunity to try it with a backpacking load. I used the Multimat instead of the platformat that the bag was supplied with as the back support and loaded with about seven kilos of kit, food and water it was a comfortable carry. A longer trip with a heavier load will see whether this type of back system will work but so far so good. The downside is that it's a bit of a faff to fold and fit the mat in place, there may be a technique to it but as yet I haven't found it. With the mat removed the pack is very floppy making it easy to stow in a small tent. I use a 3/4 length mat so it goes under my feet to keep them off the ground.

Likes: Scalability, hip belt and mesh side pockets.

Dislikes: Faff to fold and fit sleeping mat as back support.


Anonymous said...

I really liked the lok of the Villain, but when I tried it on, the back wasn't long enough, I couldn't get it to put weight onto my hips. I ended up getting an Osprey Talon44 which is a similar weight and volume and has adjustable back length, which after a bit of tweaking felt perfect.I've only had chance to use on a day walk so far, there's a lot of room in it!!.

Martin Rye said...

I like Shuttleworth find the back to short. Shame as it is a UK company and good kit. Like the look of a lot OMM stuff. Maybe one day.

baz carter said...

I've been impressed with it so far and people at the weekend were surprised to see me using such a small rucksack.