Monday, 29 September 2008

Peak bagging and creature comforts

Hi all
Just arrived in Silverthorne and enjoying the luxury of 'a chair' (what a novelty.) Just had a shower, my first in about 150 miles (excluding a quick jump in a cold lake.) Needless to say it was really good; the shower not the lake! Think I will have another shower later and maybe again in the morning.

My last brief reports were of exciting and sketchy moments. The sort of things that make your hair stand on end. This one is what the CDT is all about!

The last few days have been very tough and highly rewarding. Two days ago I prayed for good weather and god smiled down at me from above! The reason was the highest peaks on the trail were coming up and I did not want to miss them. Pretty much since the start of September the weather has sucked. I awoke on Thursday with a clear blue sky, well actually it was dark because it was before dawn but know what I mean. I then proceeded up to the ridge line and up James Peak, a 13 thousand footer. The day continued with a scrambly dip into a pass, then up the frozen snow scattered face of Parry peak the highest on the CDT. As I viewed a likely path up I wondered if sending my crampons home was such a good idea. As it turned out it was fine, with a fairly easy route no problem in my running shoes. That day I summited four 13000 ft mountains and I was totally elated!

Yesterday three passes and another couple of 12000 ft peaks meant the last section was a great success.

Today was an easily near 12000 ft pass (this nearly killed me) and a 10 mile down hill jog to get to the post office to get my bounce box and new tent and warmer sleeping bag. No more cold nights for me now... hopefully!

Off to the supermarket now for supplies. May be I'll have shower before I go...


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