Friday, 26 September 2008

cookware evolution IV

The F1 system had done me well for five years. But the cupboard under the stairs was beginning to complain under the weigh of part used gas cartridges so a simpler more environmentally friendly system where I can manage the fuel and waste better was called for. Being in a green frame of mind my only choice was to buy a recycled Pepsi can stove and, with a nod in the right direction, the one I received was made from a can of Mountain Dew.

It then dawned on me with the new stove I needed a new pan. The Primus was too narrow for the flame spread on the AGG stove, but more importantly, I had discovered that as I wasn't using the full capacity of the Primus pot the dead air space above the food meant that the cosy couldn't be as efficient as it should have been. The three cup AGG pan was the solution. Cosy made; problem solved. And the AGG pan works on the F1 stove. Result? Not quite, the 600 mug doesn't nest but the titanium bowl does.


Anonymous said...

How long did it take to get used to waiting longer for the water to boil?

I'm not so bothered about waiting for food (usually!) but I do like to use my stove to make a brew, even on day walks. Meths doesn't seem as well suited to that. I think it would take a big change in me to make me swap my F1 for meths!

baz carter said...

I'm used to slow boil times as I use a Trangia when car camping. I'm fond of the F1 because it's a brilliant little stove but the AGG stove is a lighter alternative for short trips (if you don't mind the wait, which I don't.)