Wednesday, 24 September 2008

helion2 tweaks

As mentioned an easy weight saving tweak was swapping the original pegs for titanium ones. The 12 pegs supplied are intended for the full deployment of the optional guys on the sides and at the rear. I've settled on packing 10, that's 8 to peg the tent down and two for optional guys. The set of pegs packed will consist of 6 V pegs and 4 wire ones for 84g; half the weight of the ones supplied. The guys will also be left behind as I always carry a few lengths of static cord that could be used if necessary. (Tip:- if you have to use guys ditch any line loks or similar for tautline hitches.)

The peg bag, which seems overly large for the purpose, has been jettisoned for a modified Golite one, and the pole bag has also gone being replaced with a short piece of black bungee to hold them in a bundle. It's worth noting that the poles collapse down into a fairly fat bundle but if you don't break them down too far you end up with a slimmer one that tucks nicely away upright in a corner of a rucksack. Or which can be strapped to the side.

I don't tend to use tent stuff sacks unless they are needed to compress the tent down in order for it to fit in my bag, again a few more grams saved.

There are six guying loops on the inner made from some very stout static that could be replaced with 1.5mm dyneema but that's a tweak too far at the moment. (Makes mental note to put some on shopping list to do this and replace the static mentioned above.)

I have yet to trim the labels out but I think that I've got the weight down to 1600g or thereabouts. A very good weight for a tent that sleeps two.


Unknown said...

Hi baz, one handed typing so bear with me...

I liked the look of this tent when I read a review with a picture on the web somewhere.

Changing out the pegs seems a sensible first tweak but I think its you who's got it bad if your thinking of guying points and cutting out labels! (Mental note.....cut out any labels on the Seedhouse!)

I like to see people making use of a good knot these days - quite partial to a good hitch this days myself.

baz carter said...

It's similar to the Seedhouse in terms of shape and size. It highest point is at the front however. I'm off to the Peaks weekend after next so will stick in a review.

And yes I've got it bad - pitched the inner in the living room again last night and stuck in two sleeping bags and asked Penny to crawl inside with me to see how much space we'd have. Cosy I think would be the word to sum it up.