Saturday, 13 September 2008

duvet day

Took Friday off with the idea of having a rest and a potter. It didn't start well with the neighbours drilling holes at half seven in the morning... then I received a text that wasn't for me. Clearly a conspiracy to get me up.

Potter I did. Took some photo's for a series of posts about pots and pans. Reviewed kit for a Backpackers Club meet in October and reorganised first aid kit and wash bag. I was surprised how much these two items had crept up in weight, and with some pruning I managed to reduce it by 50%. To be fair that small tube of sun cream hasn't seen the light of day all summer. And certainly won't be of use in the Peaks in October! It's always best to review contents after each trip by doing so you won't find that when you need that compeed that they all been used up. And should stall the inevitable weight creep that happens.

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Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with wash kit/first aid kit. You have to be really ruthless to cut down weight. Carelessness can lead to a wash kit easily weighing 0.5kg.