Monday, 22 September 2008

cookware evolution III

With the death of a close friend whilst climbing and the imminent birth of my son, I decided to hang up my climbing boots and pursue a less life threatening outdoor pursuit. Back to backpacking then.

The cookware I'd gathered was great for two, now three hungry mouths but was way too bulky and heavy for the solo ventures I was planning on. A new job put me in a dangerously close proximity to a well know high street outdoor retailer. And with my climbing club having a contract deal with the chain I left the store pounds poorer but grams lighter with my cookware solution -- the Coleman F1 Light Stove. My original idea was to use either my old two pint pan or one of the Trangia 27 pans but neither were the slim line solution that would fit in the pocket of my new 45l rucksack. I bought a Primus Litech Kettle which a small gas cartridge and stove would nestle in happily along with a lighter and some tea bags. A lexan mug and spoon completed the set.

The Primus pot has had a number of modifications; the bail handles were removed, as was the plate that held the handle in place, the lid gets left behind and has been replaced with a square of foil. The lexan mug has gone, replaced by a Snow Peak 600 mug which fits in the Primus Kettle and doubles as an additional pot. An Orikaso folding bowl appeared and left in disgrace after spilling custard all over Rydal Fell. A MSR potlifter Lite lifts the Primus or the mug, and a Snow Peak titanium bowl that was bought with the idea that I could fry eggs and bacon in it (you cant.)

I made a cosy for the Primus and discovered that this is the most efficient way, both in terms of weight and cost, of saving fuel.

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