Tuesday, 23 September 2008

mountain hardwear helion2

The tent arrived this afternoon but too late for me to pitch it on some available office floor space at lunchtime. I did have enough time, however, to whip out my postal scales and weigh the individual parts. Very sad I know but it does confirm that the actual weight was 1750g all in with the inner, poles and fly adding up to 1500g. The tent was supplied with 12 Y pegs that made up two thirds of the 250g over the weight of the inner, fly and poles. Having owned a MHW tent before I knew that they are supplied with optional guylines and guying points for which they supply pegs, so swapping these for titanium ones and working out the optimum number of pegs needed is an easy weight saving.

Time to get it home and have a play.


Martin Rye said...

Sounds a good idea Baz. And yet them pegs are rock hard. I have used Y pegs made by MH and never bent one of them. Hammered them with rocks on hard ground. Kicked them and bashed them. Still no problem. Maybe worth the weight? Just a thought.

baz carter said...

They are as tough as they come and at 14g each a better weight than others. I always opt for a mix of V pegs and wire pins made from titanium for maximum holding power and weight saving, keeping Y pegs in reserve should the weather dictate that I need extra stakes.