Friday, 4 July 2008

planning and preparation

The last couple of weeks I've been pulling bits and pieces together. Downloading PDF's from the Nat Trails website and reading the Cicerone guide to get an idea of how to tackle the route. I've also bought the set of Harvey's maps and am currently looking at camping spots along the way. The Backpackers Club publishes the farm pitch and LDP directories which I'm going to use to indentify alternatives to the camp sites already marked on the map. Once this is done I'll look at how to break the route down into stages.

I'm going to take three weeks off work; this will give me 21 days to walk the 268 miles with rest days, and I'll have to allow 2 days for travel to the start and back from the finish.

Once the stages are loosely thought out I'll turn my thought to food and supplies. More on this later.


John Hee said...

Interesting stuff Baz - I've given you a plug via my blog so hopefully a few more comments to come.

There's more of us UK outdoor Bloggers over at if you want to get some ideas/feedback etc. The more the merrier

Martin Rye said...

Hi Baz - the Pennine way is a great walk and 21 days is loads of time for it. I took 15 and 1 rest day. I had mixed weather and it is a good challenge.

You will find plenty of wildcamp spots(I did use a lot of B&B's on it) - and supplies are easy to get. Take Wainwright's companion and read it after each section you do. Makes an interesting read seeing what he thought of the section you have just done.

Chris said...

Nice blog

baz carter said...

John - Thanks I saw and yes they have :)Thanks too for the link.

Martin - I wont spoilt it by blurting what my cunning plan is, nor where my map preparation has taken me... stay tuned as they say.

Chris - cheers!