Wednesday, 16 July 2008


I took a peak at Alan Sloman’s LEJOG schedule first thing this morning as he’d mentioned incorporating the Pennine Way into his walk. Looking at his route overall it looked as if he’d planned his walk to maximise the number of bank holidays available in spring. It then struck me that perhaps September wouldn’t the best time for me to do this and that May, with its two bank holidays three weeks apart, would be a better option. I’d save some leave for a start and now, being only ten months off, seems more timely and achievable.


Martin Rye said...

Any plan is better than no plan as they say- May is good and you'll find the hills quiet at that time still compered to summer.

Alan Sloman said...

Hi Baz

Just be careful in the Bank Holiday season to get accommodation booked beforehand if you are thinking of using any, as it gets nigh on impossible to find otherwise.

Even though I had worked out when they were whan I was doing my schedule I forgot about it when doing the actual walk until almost too late!

baz carter said...

Good point! BTW I hope you didnt forget the birthdays though :)