Tuesday, 15 July 2008

best piece of kit

what's my favourite piece of kit? Is it a sleeping bag? No. Item of clothing? Nada. Stove? Nein. Tent? Nope.

My favourite bit of kit has helped liberate me from trawling shops (online, and bricks and mortar) looking for elusive packets of suitable ingredients to make lightweight meals. I am, of course, referring to the dehydrator that I purchased from Bob at BPL a couple of years ago.

I make my own gluten free food from scratch, usually vegetarian because meat is such a pain to reconstitute. Soya mince is great for chilli and bolognaise, and lentils (split red) for dahl. White basmati rice cooked, dried and added to your chilli or dahl makes a complete meal - at the end of a hard day these take hardly any effort to make into a hot filling meal. Cooking time is kept to a minimum by using a cozy, so fuel is also saved.

I'll post some recipes like the borlotti bean chasseur at some point.


Unknown said...

Hi Baz,

I've been doing quite a bit of reading and my own research with food for backpacking and its good to find someone in the UK with experience of using the dehydrator. I too have found that soya mince is an excellent alternative to minced beef (or lamb) and I'd very much like to get into putting my own meals together.

Up to now I've cheated by using beanfeast meals like the chilli or bolognese and just adding hot water at the camp. I'd love to make my own however just to keep track of what's going in there and also to get the right balance of proteins and carbs.

I'd love to hear about your borlotti bean chasseur so get that recipe up!

baz carter said...

I'll post that plus a few others in the next few days...