Monday, 14 July 2008

the cunning plan

Now that I’ve plotted various alternative stopping points along the way I’ll dig the map measurer out of my kit box and build rough itinerary – I have 19 days to get from start to finish which is ample. I’m going to carry six days food and pack two food parcels which will need posting out, but to where?

On previous trips I’ve posted parcels to the halfway point but these have been on paths that had more tightly defined itineraries. As I’m taking a more flexible approach this time I could find myself ahead (or even behind) schedule. The only problem comes if I’m struggling or the weather is that bad that I have to sit it out so I can’t get to the food pick up point before running out of food.

I must state at this time that the reason for going to all this trouble is due to the fact that I’m an insulin dependent diabetic who also suffers from coeliac disease. The upshot of this that I have to have regular meals that are also gluten free, living off food stuff found in village stores isn’t an option. If I do find something I can eat it’s a bonus.

I’m planning this as a solo venture and with the diabetes having a potentially dangerous impact I’m going to be checking in with ‘base camp’ on a regular basis. When I do I can ask my partner, Penny, to post a food parcel when I need one – that’s my cunning plan.

I’m planning to write about the trip so I’m off to do some research on mobile blogging.


Litehiker said...

Obviously, always make sure you have spare food with you that you aim never to use but is there in extremis.
When are you setting off? Look forward to reading your blog and am particularly interested in the hardware you intend to use for blogging on the trail.

baz carter said...

I cut a wide safety margin and always make sure I've got enough spare cereal bars should I need them.

Autumn next year is the plan but I may bring it forward to Spring.

I've only just started looking at hardware options - so what I discover will be blogged at some time.

Alan Sloman said...

Hi Baz, and welcome to the wonderful World of Blogging.

If it helps you can take a peek at my Lejog Schedule

which includes the whole of the Pennine Way.

It took me 17.5 days walking days - so I reckon 19 days including some rest days is about perfect as you are not going any further! I took two days off - but I was disciplining myself as I had a very long way to go.

Don't go rushing it - it's a beautiful walk that should be savoured and not belted along!

Nice blog, by the way - I have added a link to it from mine.

Cheers, Alan

baz carter said...

Thanks for the info, and did hear your interview on one of Bob's TGO challenge podcasts so I knew that you'd incorporated the Pennine Way into your LEJOG.

Oh, I'm a laid back backpacker I do it to enjoy myself and spend time outdoors - I dont intend to rush it. Taking three weeks off from work is a big commitment so my concern is to complete in the time I'm allowed.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why I missed your PW planning. Hope you're enjoying my re-living of the experience. If you've not got a Wainwright, you should get one. It's the best guide even though some of it is out of date. It's helped me to rmember quite a lot. An ink strip map is so much more evocative than the Cicerone guide. It's even making me seriously think about re-tracing my steps over part of the Way this autumn.

baz carter said...

I have been following your recollection of the Way, and it has been quite useful. I'll see if I can get a copy of Wainwright's guide.