Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Colorado or bust

Greetings from the US of A.

With another 100 mile section in the bag I have completed my first months hiking with 500 miles done. Top stuff! I’m nearly hitting my 20 miles a day target which I need to do this to have any chance of getting through Colorado before the white stuff comes down big time.

Lots of 7000 ft passes have got my heart pumping, and so far have been up two 8000ft mountains and the other day scrambled up to 9300ft on West Pintler Peak. There was an awesome view from the top and this is my biggest peak yet, so a great first month. Overall it has been very tough, challenging but really enjoyable… awesome experience.

Meeting some real characters too, like the guy the other day called Marcus from California, who said he spends weeks at a time in the desert.
‘Scorpions man...the oldest form of life on the planet’
‘A bit like humans,’ I said.
‘Critters,’ he added......'I like them and they like me!’
He would have made a great extra out of the Doors film (Surely Apocalypse Now - Ed.) Said he had written a book and called it ‘Unfit’ when I said I am going to write one too he said, ‘how about calling it Fit.’ It was one of those strange moments.

Yesterday I was woken by two ‘weird’ massive birds staking across the meadow like a couple of pterodactyls. If only I had bought a crossbow.

Still playing it safe, hanging my food in the trees. The other day I saw the biggest bear turd yet that could have filled a small bucket. I thought must be ‘big daddy black bear’ for sure.

I’m getting prepared for two 120 mile sections. And I’m sure there will be some stories to tell and hopefully internet access somewhere along the way so that I can pass them on. It’s currently 95F out there but there are still large areas of snow on the mountains.

If you do something......enjoy it!



Martin Rye said...

Baz and Andy have you any photos of this wonderful trip as it sounds great. Seeing a picture tells a thousand words and keep it coming.

baz carter said...

Andy was planning on taking a camera, if memory serves he bought one especially. The non suicidal dutch girl posted on the facebook group that Andy had formed about photo's she had. I've contacted through the site but have yet to receive a reply - I'll chase using your request as a carrot.

I've been slow to pick upon adding pics and links myself, they do make a difference like the one of the boats on your blog.