Wednesday, 13 May 2009

pembrokeshire coast path

After my last outing along the South West Coast Path I'm keeping a very close eye on my kit list for this trip over Whitsun bank holiday. I'm not going to let any superfluous bits of kit to sneak into my bag. The phrases, 'just in case' and 'this might be handy...' have been banned.

I'm leaving the Exos at home despite the fact that it's a great bag but at 49l it's all too easy to stuff it with unnecessary bits and pieces. The Villain will take it's place, and being a smaller capacity bag, it will force me to be more disciplined in my approach to packing.

I'm going to invest in a double groundsheet for the Hut2 so that the bivi bags can be left out. This will save the combined weight of 490g and the groundsheet will protect my NeoAir from any nasties that might be lurking in the grass.

I’ve got my pack weight down to 5.8kg without food or water. Subject to some last minute decisions, in particular over which sleeping bag to pack (Marmot Hydrogen or Mountain Equipment Skyline), the weight should there or thereabouts.

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