Wednesday, 6 May 2009

the joy of backpacking

It’s early April. The sun has been blazing all day but it’s now slipping down below the distant skyline. A thin band of dark cloud wrings the last drops of colour from the setting sun. The clear sky beckons a cool, dew damped night.

My stove murmurs as my supper simmers in it’s pot. With the sun gone there is a noticeable drop in air temperature and I shiver slightly. I’m glad I’m sitting on my mat with my legs in my bivi covered sleeping bag. I fidget in the bag and the shivering stops.

Supper is swiftly eaten and with a bellyful of warmth I begin to relax and reflect on the day. I didn’t walk as far as could have, I didn’t do as much ascent as I might but it didn’t matter. I’d walked new places at my own pace, without want or need of a timetable. I pondered on how free and unshackled I felt as I looked up at the stars above. A final shuffle and I was snuggled down in my sleeping bag and drifting off to sleep. 


Dave Hanlon said...

I'll read this through one more time before I climb into my own bed tonight!

Unknown said...

Sums it up perfectly Baz and now I need that......soon!

Its the view for me and the sounds of the hills - nothing comes close.

baz carter said...

May bank holiday my next escape - but where?