Thursday, 7 May 2009

dehydrated cheese

As bizarre as this sounds you can buy this stuff from Asda. Drying cheese doesn't reduce the weight by much however it does help it keep longer. It's what Sarah over at would call shelf stable, so ideal for backpacking trips.

It's got a good taste, if you like Parmesan added to your pasta dishes this is the stuff to have. As I cant eat packet cheese/pasta sauces this stuff makes it possible for me to cook a gluten free macaroni cheese. I've yet to sort out a recipe for this so it will get added to the ever expanding menu ideas that I seem to be accumulating. Must spend some more time in the kitchen with a camp stove some time soon.


Sarah Kirkconnell said...

This might work for you:
You can swap out the dairy dry milk for soy dry milk as well.Pretty open ended recipe :-)

baz carter said...

Nice and simple that one, and there I was thinking about going off and messing around with corn flour(starch).