Monday, 27 July 2009

Tibetan titanium folding esbit stove

Before heading off to Spain there was some discussion between Trevor Gamble and Darren and I about hexamine or esbit stoves. I vowed that on my return I’d purchase one for some old school stove fun – one of my first camping stoves was one of those folding army solid fuel cookers.

One of the above duly arrived this morning and on my way home I’m going to buy some tablets and have a trip down memory lane with the added bonus of it being ultralightweight one – the stove tickles the scales at a mere 12g.

Here’s a snap to keep all you stove pornographers happy.


Mac E said...

I've just been playing with one of those at the weekend. Quite good actually, using my Cone Clone, Mitymug and 14g Esbit tablets I managed to boil 500ml in 12 mins and still had about 1/4 of the tablet left.

I wouldn't want to use it in the porch of my tent though as it has a pretty unpleasant smell.

PhilT said...

This is my stove of choice, I used it on the TGO Challenge this year and found I could get an evening meal and a morning coffee from one tablet when used with a wind shield. It's the most efficient esbit stove I've found so far.

Rob said...

And they sent you your change too!