Saturday, 4 July 2009

happy birthday blog

You’re one year old today.

And as a special birthday treat I was going to bake you a cake but as this is a virtual world I found something better suited.

A blog about cakes, not specifically birthday ones, but cakes all the same. And these are special because they are professional made cakes, although to look at some you have to wonder what profession the cake maker is in because clearly it isn’t making cakes!

Now blow out the candle here and enjoy!


whitespider1066 said...

happy first birthday, can't believe it has been that long, some how seems longer ^_^

John Hee said...

one year already - keep up the good work

Alan Sloman said...

Well done Baz - Fine effort!

I like the cake blog!

Dave Hollin said...

nice one Baz

my one year birthday will be in 2 months time :)

although to be fair I am crap at keeping it up to date, posting as I do on average 1 every 2 months!