Thursday, 9 July 2009

ridgeway kit list review

Snapshot of the kit that I took for my recent overnighter. I wasn’t sure how warm the evening was going to be so I packed the RAB Vapour Rise top, which along with the beanie, I could have left out. The groundsheet was included because I was expecting the ground to be damp and to protect the NeoAir. As it happened we only had one downpour and because it was so warm the grass dried in a matter of minutes, helped by the fact we were camped on chalk down lands. And as the storm didn’t break, the evening air temperature didn’t plummet and it remained warm and humid.

I created a version of Jim Wood’s spreadsheet to calculate the weight and have been in the process of weighing and re-evaluating bits and pieces of my kit. What is missing from the list is wash kit, insulin pens, blood monitoring machine, spares and other medicines, and of course, fuel, water and food. It gives me the opportunity to swap in and out items, for example there were two of us in the Hut so a double groundsheet was packed. Whereas if I was on my own a lighter weight single person one would have been taken instead or left out altogether.


Slippery said...


Another site dedicated to gear list weights is It's very user friendly, you can create as many different gearlists as you want and the most technical skill needed is to be able to click and drag.


Dave Hollin said...

Hi Baz,

nice gear list. I have to admit to being a bit of a gear list saddo. I spend hours tweaking my kit and my kit list and have several lists for any given condition of weather and/or season!

How did you get on with the skyline/neo air combo?


baz carter said...

I did find the gear grams website and started using it however I soon found out that your list is then used to sell gear! I might not have minded if I'd been informed of that at the start but I stripped the list when I found out and went back to build my own.

Dave - The Skyline is very much a summer weight bag and I've had a couple of chilly nights in it despite having a extra layers. That said I used ith with the Marmot bag back in Feb when we had that really bad weather and the combo worked.

Unknown said...

Hi Baz,

I created GearGrams. Sorry if the ad column pushed you away. I was playing around with adding amazon links to see if the site could make money and pay for hosting costs. I ended up taking them out because they weren't obviously ads. GearGrams isn't a business venture. Its just a fun side project. Point taken on letting users know about this kind of thing though. If I think about doing something like that in the future I'll ask users what they think first.