Saturday, 15 November 2008

trail magic

Hi everyone its me!

Just landed in Silver City after a big hiking night. Decided to road walk the last section and go for 50 miles in 24 hours. Well it turned out 48miles in 27 hours so nearly there. There was a fair amount of up and down which slowed me considerably.

I think I had done about 250 miles since Grants the last town stop with a stopover in Pie Town also. Where the only thing you could buy was - yes Pie. Seriously. Needless to say I was starting to smell and feeling a bit withered around the edges. I 've been surviving on dried food and trail rubbish.

The Gila Forest wilderness section was a big challenge with 75 river crossings in 2 days. A river that had ice around the edges in places. I had to build 2 fires as I progressed down the river I was in such pain with cold feet. If only I had my fishing waders or snorkel boots. One day I saw some hunters with a black bear on the back of the truck (it was dead). They showed me a picture of a mountain lion they had shot the week before. Man, these are big animals as big as the hunter. Apparently there's a pack of wolves that move up and down the canyon I went through, I saw footprints too but didn't hear them.

Have I mentioned trail magic? Well coming out the canyon, I found a wallet with $500 cash credit cards etc in the dirt. Naturally I was going to hand it in as soon as got out. I had nearly run out of food and was feeling jaded. 'What I really need is some food' I said to myself. A few yards further on, there it was. A carrier bag with someones lunch in it. Needless to state I ate it. Rather me than the Coyotes. That's trail magic for you. When I got out I gave the wallet to the rangers who were impressed with my honesty especially as I looked like a vagrant. As they say looks are deceiving and don't judge a book by its cover. After visiting the cave dwellings I came out to find that the American tourists and rangers had made a food collection for me they were so impressed. That was cool.

Anyhow, I am really looking forward to the finish; lets face it there's only so many things you can discuss with yourself in a freezing tent for 12 hours a day!! Starting to miss people big time.


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