Wednesday, 5 November 2008

On the home straight

Hi all,

Just arrived in Grants New Mexico. I think I have done about 250 miles in the past 9 days, so I'm really flying now!

It really surprised me the change in 40 hiking miles. From the frozen soil of Colorado, to the sand and rock of the desert mesas.
Thankfully its been warmer too, although hunters I have chatted to say I am well lucky as this time last year it was 2-6 degrees F up high and that's cold by my books. Had some lovely sights, incredible rock colours, sunrises and sunsets. Seen a tarantula, wild turkeys, elk and lots of cool looking cacti and pinon pines. Even found an arrowhead one day. Met many friendly people and turned down many lifts and free food, although water was welcome.

Had a run in with some young bulls & cows in the dark and escaped without stepping on a cactus or rattler - they can be 6 foot tall; the cacti and the cows!

I have been getting up at 5.30 to start hiking in the dark and normally hiking on into dark. Not many people get to see the sunrise and sunset every day. Trying hard to finish before the cold really hits home. Its going to be interesting near the border too.


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