Monday, 10 November 2008

kit bits

Took my Bush Buddy out for a field (should that be forest?) test.

The weather had been blustery and wet so the hope of finding any dry wood seemed slim but after 10 minutes along the trail I'd gathered enough wood to have an attempt at lighting the stove. The wood was dead branches that were still attached to the trunk., well they were until I pulled them free.

A sheltered spot found and the BB was soon burning away happily. All attempts at lighting the stove thus far have been by using a teased out tampon as tinder. The next step is to light the stove with naturally occurring tinder.

It was timely that I washed and proofed my two soft shell tops on Saturday morning. This time of the year I generally wear my Marmot ATV jacket as it's (just) warm enough on it's own whereas the TNF Apex top would need a microfleece under it. I wore the jacket on the aborted Elan Valley trip putting on my Marmot Precip waterproof when the wind picked up and rain got more persistent and the combo worked well.

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