Monday, 17 November 2008

oh happy days

Stepped out with Darren on Saturday to walk another section of the north downs way, more of which later.

The good news is that I covered the thirteen or so miles without any knee pain. It could be that the cod liver oil I've been taking is helping. Or it could be the new knee support I had to buy on Friday because I had forgotten to pack the other one. Maybe it was the Trail Blaze poles that Darren had brought along that I hijacked from him first thing and used all day. It could be the combination of all three.

Whatever, I'm going to continue taking the pills, using the more comfortable and lighter knee support and buy a pair of the poles from Bob and Rose.


Martin Rye said...

Poles are good for the knees Baz. Read the article in TGO this month. Saying that I can never find the copy of the research they all quote from? I use Pacer Poles now and they weigh a bit more than other poles – but they deliver more in performance and come highly recommended. Chris Townsend, John Manning, Chris Bonnington etc all use them.

baz carter said...

As I found out when using the Trail Blazers. I read the article which made me think that it'd be an idea to try them out.

I feel a bit guilty not buying pacer poles especially as I know Alan and Heather but it's the weight, the weight. You know I'm an incurable gram counter!