Monday, 11 August 2008

magic ingredient

Alan Kesselheim had his tamari, Derrick Booth his mixed herbs, and John Hee his Schwartz instant mash perker upper.

Me? My magic ingredient is chorizo.

Dice it and heat in a pan, add a chopped tomato or two, and some diced red or green pepper. Within a few minutes you'll have a tasty pasta sauce. Of course some of Derrick's mixed herbs wouldn't go a miss here either, but I don't think the tamari would work and John's mash mix isn't gluten free.


Unknown said...

Baz, you've nailed it again with another simple but great food idea. I like to bring fresh filled pasta backpacking with me and always settle for a little parmesan as a topping. Bringing some chorizo and a few chopped onions and peppers would be perfect for an autumn/winter dinner at the end of a long day. Consider this recipe stolen!

baz carter said...

Thanks Dude, I'd leave the onion out as they always cause me intestinal grief! And I'll drip feed(!) other recipe ideas as and when for you to steal :)