Tuesday, 26 August 2008

another way with rice

Chilli Chicken


half a red pepper, diced

half a courgette, diced

two tomatoes, cut into eighths

two chargrilled chicken breasts, sliced

a sachet of Tilda Rice with pinto beans and chilli

olive oil

Put a dash of oil in a pan, saute red pepper and courgette until soft. Add chopped tomato and continue to stir until softened. Add chicken and stir. Massage sachet to remove lumps and empty contents into pan. Mix well and stir until rice separated and food is piping hot.

As with all these dishes they serve two, or one very hungry backpacker. Use one chicken breast if you wish, if cooking for one.

Disclaimer -- these dishes aren't ultra lightweight but are created to make simple, tasty, quick cook meals with a minimum of fuss. Using fresh ingredients that could be picked up from a village or campsite shop, or carried if your trip is one or two nights long.

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