Tuesday, 12 August 2008


My suddenly dodgy knee has planted a seed of doubt about my fitness and ability to cope with the ups and downs of the Pennine Way. It took me a couple of years to get it back to coping with shortish day walks, and as mentioned, I've done many a mile over the last few years without worry.

Several people have stated that it's because I've started cycling to work and this has caused new stress on the joint. I kind of have to agree with them as I've been over doing it on the off road tracks through Richmond Park and along the Thames.

I bought a neoprene knee support in Keswick and managed a number of short walks in the Lakes around Tarn Hows, Castlerigg and Aira Force all without any hassle before returning home. So I'm hoping it's was just a warning to take it easier on the peddling until the joint has time to adjust and strenghten.


Martin Rye said...

Hope your going to be OK Baz. Had to come back from injury and it takes time - looked like you were on track till the knee flared up. Try a three day backpack to see how it is over more days and terrain. the Pennine way is long and you don't want to have problems on it. Lets hope hey.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. I suffered for a long time with knee ligament problems. Going downhill was agony. You might want to investigate Bioskin knee supports which I still us occasionally (skiing, if I get a chance)http://www.snowandrock.com/BrandSearch/Ski/Accessories/Sports+Supports/Bioskin/Knee+Skin+BIO0001.htm
I always take a pair backpacking, just in case. They are much better than the normal neoprene supports.Walking poles are also very helpful if you have knee problems.

baz carter said...

Thanks guys. Still not as bad as some as I heard today that Christine (Roche) took a tumble on the South Downs Way and in true inimitable style completed the walk... only to find on return home that she'd fractured her knee cap.

Bank holiday calls so I'll get to try a couple of days backpacking either on the South Downs or along the Ridgeway. Here's hoping.