Friday, 29 August 2008

damn fine coffee

I've noticed over the last week or so that there has been a few posts about coffee.

There's the flash funky espresso maker that litehiker found. At nearly 500g and at €99 way too heavy and expensive for my taste. I've watched the video clip several times now and am amazed that all you need to do is wave the end at a cup and the coffee appears.

Then there's java juice that Darren has been sampling. Despite the fact that the product is liquid I'd probably give a couple of sachets pack space on a weekend trip. Some hard nosed weight saving fanatics might balk at the idea; then again they'd most likely be instant coffee drinkers (enough said.)

I own a GSI mini espresso maker that I use on car camping trips. It's surprisingly quick and effective but you only get a wee amount of coffee for your trouble.

For all other trips I pack the MSR Mug Mate. It fits awkwardly in my Snow Peak 600 mug which is too wide for it to bridge across - I'm sure that there's a modification to be made here - but I get that mug of damn fine coffee in the morning. I don't bother with the lid/base thing so I get to save a few grams too.


Anonymous said...

if you want to try some of the Java juice drop me an email over the weekend with your home address.

matt said...

GSI make a bigger (and no doubt heavier) model now - Not sure if anyone in the UK is carrying it though.