Tuesday, 26 August 2008

base layer review

Berghaus Tech T long sleeved zip neck top and The North Face Seamless briefs.

The 'Tech' refers to the technical fibre that the top is made out of which basically inhibits smells. I wore this top for a week on St Cuthbert's Way (including sleeping in it) and at the end of the week there was no discernable smell.  Berghaus clothing isn't cut to fit my thin, lanky frame but the medium was long enough in the sleeves and body, and baggy enough for my liking. At £25 before discounts it's good value for money when it comes to base layers, and at 230g (medium) an acceptable weight.

The briefs are part of the fast and light offering from TNF and at 25g for a medium sized pair they are one of the lightest bits of underwear that you can find. CT in a review for TGO magazine stated that the material has a tendency to pong - it's good old polypro after all. However because they are so light I found that if you gave them a wash at the end of the day they'll be dry enough to wear the following morning.

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Martin Rye said...

Berghaus is one brand I have lots of clothing by. I use a base layer made by them - long sleeve to your T. I have a 13y old Polartec 100 top by them. Well worn and I am very fond of it. Waterproofs, other fleece tops and softshell too. Shocking how much of my money they have had.