Tuesday, 18 August 2009

lumix tz4 photo fun

Over the weekend I spent some time trying out a few of the TZ4's functions. I’d decided against packing the filter system so set myself the task to test the exposure bracketing that you can do with the camera in manual mode. The camera also has a range of presets, called Scenes, that I’ve not bothered with since it’s purchase.

I’ve always been a fan of monochrome photography and have thought about buying some red and green filters at some point. In the Picos I had the camera set to take monochrome in the manual mode and the results were fairly successful.

Here are four shots of the same sunset.

Monochrome with no compensation

This time two stops down

In colour with no compensation

In sunset Scene mode

A truly versatile little camera that I've bearly began to scratch the functionality surface of.


Worthing Wanderer said...

That looks like Truleigh Hill. Were you spending the night in the Youth Hostel?

baz carter said...

My earlier post describes my experience with the hostel... which I must check the status of on the YHA site.

Worthing Wanderer said...

Ah - didn't notice that; I came straight to this post from my own site! Will take a look now

Dave Hollin said...

something nice and shiny to play with then Baz? :)

baz carter said...

Dave, I bought it before going off to Spain and am still tinkering with it!