Wednesday, 12 August 2009

look what we found – fragrant thai chicken curry

Now if they only did cartons of Singha beer

The meals come in pouches weighing approx 300g, that don’t need refrigeration and just require re-heating. If your pan is big enough you can do the boil in the bag method, the same as a Wayfarers meal. Otherwise you can tear open the bag and dump the contents in a pan and heat through.

A good number of the meals in the range are gluten free, in fact they are free of the usual flavour enhancers and other additives that are prevalent in packet meals. Big plus points from my point of view. The nutritional breakdown for the curry states that the amount of carbohydrate in the meal is 21g, which is light despite the addition of some rice. Like many backpackers I cram carbs in the evening to replace the glycogen that I use up during the days activity. If I don’t I’d be next to useless on the trail the following day - I know I’ve found out the hard way! So adding more carbohydrate is required, and as this was a Thai meal I went for rice noodles.

This was easy enough to prepare; a portion of thin rice noodles were snapped in half and steeped in boiling water whilst the curry was being heated through. The noodles were then drained and added to the curry.

The curry had some nice chunks of chicken and some veggies in it. It wasn’t very chilli hot and had a slight sweet taste; not bold or brash just a bit reserved. And none of that after taste that you get with other packet meals.

A pouch is enough for one serving with added rice or noodles, and as part of an evening meal I’d want to add a dessert too.


Dave Hollin said...

that actually looks quite nice Baz. I am currently experimenting with various dehydrated food sold by the big supermarket chains. My favourite at the moment is Morrisons Value chicken flavour instant noodles. 9p a packet! :)

Philip Werner said...

I like bringing boil-in-the-bag curry on trips too, but I get mine spicy. Really caps off a good day with some rice.

baz carter said...

There's an Adsa opposite where I work and they have a range of curries made by an Indian food company that comes in pouches that I've used - they are certainly more spicy.

With this one a dash of chilli sauce would give a bit of a kick. said...
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