Tuesday, 16 June 2009

osprey talon 33 or 44?

I happen to find myself on Kensington High Street late Sunday morning. Not strictly true as I’d gone up there to recce for a day sack that would be big enough to use on summer weekend trips.

The Talon 44 is a better weight carrier than the 33 because it has a wire frame (of sorts) that adds rigidity and transfers weight to the hip belt. I loaded it with 12kg of bean bags; way more than I’d carry for my intended use. This was in the lower limit of the zone where a comfortable carry phases into an uncomfortable one but it coped with the load. My base kit weight is circa 5.5kg, and with a couple of days food and water the overall weight shouldn’t be more than 9kg at most. My kit is also low bulk too so the Talon 33 might be a better option as it’s lighter (and cheaper). Only trouble is that it’s capacity at 33l it might not be big enough for the job.

The only way I’m going to find out is to bag up my kit and pop to the shop for a try out. It’s good to see that I can follow my own advice.


stourvalewalker said...

I can't believe you didn't mention the Osprey Exos 34 which is only stocked at Snow and Rock and they have a store on Kensington High Street ;-)

baz carter said...

In the word of Homer simpson, "Doh!"

Martin Rye said...

I tried a 44 out in Cotswold's and nearly got one. Very nice pack and I reckon a generous 44L. Lots of room. Would be a good week long trip pack for you Baz. Looks nice as well and less stuff to break than the Talon.

baz carter said...

I tend to carry a lot of food so a 44l bag would be hard stretched to cover a week long trip.

I think the Talon 44l is going to be the better option.