Thursday, 25 June 2009

st margarets

The first street sign just after the bridge crossing the Mighty River Crane

The new surgery adjacent to the above

The drive

To the station

The surgery sign supplied by the NHS

The other surgery sign

Things are starting to drift...

Where's the punctuation gone?

Going, going, gone.


BG! said...

Where's the comma gone?

Hiding behind the apostrophe, perhaps? :-)

My first school was a St. Margaret's C. of E. Rather unsurprisingly, it was right next to St. Margaret's Church. The sign outside the church was vandalised often and had to be replaced regularly, but the signwriters struggled with the concept of the apostrophe - sometimes it was used correctly, sometimes it was used after the "s", and sometimes it was simply omitted.

After much debate, the parish authorities decided to take pity on the signwriters - they renamed the building "The Church of St. Margaret of Antioch".

Unsubstantiated rumours have it that the next version of the sign bore the word "Antiock".

There's no hope for some folk, eh?

baz carter said...

Cooma! Apostrophe! They are all but tadpole shaped punctuation marks swimming in a sentence...