Wednesday, 14 January 2009

thermal mug

This humble piece of kit saw the cold, clear, winter light of day over the festive season.  A battered blue Aladdin with the handle roughly hewn off (to save weight and ease packing) found it's way in to my rucksack.

Ordinarily I'd use my Snow Peak 600 mug but when the weather has been as freezing as it has been, this mug comes into it's own. If you use herbal tea like me you get your money's worth as the tea bags stew for all their worth and the clip on lid, although not insulated, is essential for keeping drinks warm. On over night trips the mug will keep it's contents from freezing and you can use it to reconstitute dried food if you happen to be using the stuff.

It's not that lightweight at 120g but having made a cosy for my Snow Peak to save weight it's no where as thermally efficient, so it's the battered blue mug every time.  


Anonymous said...

LOL, I think mines rattling round under the car seat somewhere, very handy for early morning pick-me-ups, especially the no-spill lid!

Anonymous said...

I use a nalgene 400ml bottle with a lid. it doubles as a drink carrier, and is light too. (about 80gms) Also constructed from the BPA free material.
With the lid it doesnt matter if it topples over.
Great for tea in the morning, energy drink during the day and hot choc in the evening! A life of luxury!

baz carter said...
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baz carter said...

My ex wife used a 500ml nalgene bottle on her trip around China. The trains have hot taps that you can make brews with. She also used the bottle as a handwarmer.