Friday, 30 January 2009

seasons change

Began to notice this week that we are moving into Spring. A few bulbs are beginning to poke their green stems skyward, and the magnolia tree in the front garden is starting to show opening buds but it will be a month or more before the flowers appear.

Leaving work at the end of the day and it isn't fully dark any more; there was a twilight blue tinge to the sky last night.

The sun is clearing the houses opposite and now adds milky yellow light to the bedroom before I finally rise in the morning.

At the station the ubiquitous robins still chattered in the trees and shrubs, but now ring doves and wood pigeons cooed in the higher branches adding their voices. Querulous parakeets and magpies argued over perching rights, and a pair of pied wagtails skipped, flitted, wagged and chittered along the platform.

Nature is waking up; it willl soon be Summer.


Phreerunner said...

I have just read your posting out to Sue whilst we ride out a snow storm here in monochromatic Ottawa - still very much in the grip of winter. We enjoyed your prose - keep it up! I'm leaving this comment at around 11.30 pm in the UK, but it has only just gone dark here, I've cleared about a ton of snow from the drive and the deck, and am just catching up with Google Reader, with a gin and tonic in hand, before we enjoy a delicious supper.

Martin Rye said...

All I can see is rain and snow is coming. Winter has a way to go this year I think. Like your new rucksack by the way.