Monday, 26 January 2009

picos de europa

Tickets booked for July and ten days backpacking in northern Spain to be organised. I've not backpacked in a foreign country before so this is all new territory (!)

There are maps to find, gear to be selected, decisions to be made over how much and what food to carry, and what stove to take.

Great, I cant wait.


Phreerunner said...

Ah, the site of an interesting episode in my backpacking career. It's a brilliant area, and there is a Cicerone guide to a classic 10 day walk. But the maps weren't very good when I went, nearly 15 years ago.
I'm sure you'll have a great time, but take care to 'know where you are at all times'.
Have fun.

baz carter said...

The maps are a little better these days (so I'm told!) I've ordered a pair of 1:25 maps of the Picos from Stanfords. Your remark 'reminds me to pack the GPS' :)

Anonymous said...

Don't copy my example of getting out there with no pre-trip training and straining a knee. There's some steep terrain out there.
You can pick up a map in the 'entry' town in my book. I will dig out the details for you.
I think the maps are in Spanish so you had better get learning!

baz carter said...

Maps arrived this morning. And there are some big mountains there, better get on the old treadmill as soon as I can...