Friday, 10 December 2010

have i found that headboard?

I’m indebted to Sarah for giving me what I think is the solution to my wandering pillow.

I gathered from the limited number of characters that you get with twitter she used a pillow case; stick the pillow in the end of the pillow case and sleep on it. The pillow case is trapped under your body holding the pillow in place. Or that’s how I imagined it.

Now I’m not one for carrying extra bits of kit when I could use something that I’d already be carrying, so thought no more of the idea. Until yesterday morning when I was wandering along the Thames when I wondered whether a base layer or mid layer top would fit over an end of the NeoAir. The idea being that the pillow would be held in place by the top. Wandering is good for wondering.

Back home I inflated the NeoAir and the AirPillow and grabbed a selection of tops that would be on my kit list. Result!

P1010824 The picture shows a TNF Flight T which is a very lightweight baselayer, weighing only 70g, slipped on the end of the NeoAir with the AirPillow held in place. Now all I need is the opportunity to get out and give it a try!


Unknown said...

I have always used a pillow case over various pillows I have used. Its a very small pillowcase and the pillows just squeeze in. I used the pillow case to keep the pillow clean - my head seems to emit lots of grease!
This year I have discovered the Exped Air Pillow - fantastic the only pillow that seems to work. So far have used for about 60 nights and its still ok - previous air pillows I have used have always quickly developed faults.
I'm not sure whether the pillow case stops the pillow moving about - I don't get movement problems too often. But I also put the pillow on a folded fleece as I like a bit of extra height.

Like your blog - Peter Hughes

Alan Sloman said...

Thanks for that Baz - Sounds like a plan!

Anonymous said...

I've been using a bit of shockcord around the pillow and mat, but this looks even better!

Steven Horner said...

I don't use a pillow but a stuff sack or dry bag with some clothes or waterproofs in (whatever I'm not wearing). I've always had the same problem with it sliding off.

I'd heard about Colin Ibbotson using his shoes as a pillow, not seen it in action though. I decided to put my shoes directly above my NeoAir short and put my stuff sack pillow on top of the shoes, where my foot would go in and this generally stopped it sliding about. The added bonus on the last trip was it stopped my shoes freezing which is always a bugger and a bit more of my body was on the short NeoAir.

I'm not sure I've explained that very well.

Unknown said...

I use a 13L Sea to Summit drybag which, as I use a short Neo Air, sits on the ground (atop my SitLight pad which forms the back of my Gorilla pack) rather than the Neo Air itself. It does not slip much and works well enough. This is a rather good idea, however...

baz carter said...

@Steve - I get the idea. I know Phil Turner uses his shoes in the same way too. Especially useful in the winter as you point out!

@Maz - I use a 13l dry bag with my Golite sleeping bag so I can see that the added circumference helps.

Both of course mean you get more NeoAir for your body!