Tuesday, 26 January 2010

time flies like knives; fruit flies like bananas

I remember this from an eighties paper back by a bloke called Nigel about graffiti. I don’t see much graffiti these days; I guess the virtual bog wall of twitter, facebook, and blogging has replaced it. However in the words of Ronnie Corbett, I digress.

Ben, my son, will be six years old tomorrow, that’s over the hump of his first decade. It doesn’t seem that long ago when I cupped him in my hands as a little bundle in the garden of the Tide Tables cafe next to Richmond Bridge, barely days old. These days he’s barely short enough to fit over my head if he wants to ride on my shoulders, which is most of the time.

Happy birthday Ben, I know you’re not old enough to take the day off to do what you want but that day will come :)


Alan Sloman said...

I absolutely ADORE your post's title!
And Happy Birthday Ben! (Let your Dad have a day off)

Devon Property said...
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Douaine - NZ said...

Yeehaa! Rock on Nigel Rees! Now that's a flash back to some great graffiti collation, eh? I've got all the great collections the dude pumped out - still a good read. Not many books like that around nowadays I reckon.