Monday, 14 September 2009

bannock bread

A simple rum and raisin bread cooked on the trail.

The bread is mixed a plastic bag and the batter dropped into a non stick pan on a low heat. Handling the sticky mixture isn't easy.

Cook on a low heat flipping over once one side is cooked, do this a couple of times until the bread sounds 'hollow' when you tap it with your spork. The rum is put on just before serving.

Remarkably easy to do and very tasty too. This was not a gluten free recipe so I wasn't able to try it but Liam, the baker, assures me that it was.


Dave Hollin said...

what a blummin marvelous and easy "dish" to do! I'll have to have a go at that now.

andy said...

I am totally impressed....awesome!
guess what I will be doing at the weekend.....

andy said...

can you do this on a bushbuddy?

I will try...i am the master! (of the bushbuddy....not star wars)

do you have the lid on?

baz carter said...

You can cook bannock on any stove, all you need is a decent non stick pan like the one supplied with the Primus Eta that Liam was using in the stills.