Thursday, 6 November 2014

kabuto gluten free rice noodles

There it was - gone!
I have fondness for oriental food so was happy to find these in my local Sainsbury’s. And sell for £2.00 per pot. There’s a small range of these (some with gluten in them) and the gluten free ones come in two flavours – chicken and miso. The chicken one is light and tasty with a bit of a chilli kick to it and the miso one is, well, savoury and salty as you would expect.

These make an ideal lunch or supper meal on the trail; one pot for lunch and I’d double up for supper. The miso one has 54.7g CHO and 261 calories. And there’s nothing to state that you can’t pimp the noodles with additional ingredients if you have them to hand, adding torn young nettle or dock leaves for example. On day hikes I wouldn’t bother to repackage but on longer trips I’d lose the cup and place the ingredients in a poly bag but remember make a note of how much water you need! With all these types of ‘instant’ noodles it’s just a matter of added the required amount of boiling water, stirring and leaving to stand for three minutes or so. I’d recommend giving them a stir a couple of times during that period because the first time I tried them some of the noodles were a bit chewy.