Monday, 15 September 2014

thermarest neoair xlite

The lap of luxury

I bought a NeoAir when they were first launched and this piece of kit radically transformed my camp sleeping experience. Unlike others who purchased NeoAir's at the time mine didn't delaminate, until recently that is. This wasn't an issue as Cascade Designs offer a lifetime guarantee on their products and replaced it with the newer Regular Xlite model.

So what's new and improved? I now have a full length mattress (the earlier was 3/4 length) that weighs 350g, it's tapered at the top and bottom, and has a better R rating. The air chambers are narrower so there are more of them which means that compression isn't an issue, I can sit on the mattress to cook without sinking to the ground like I did on the old one. The material has changed so it no longer crinkles when I turn over. And they've changed the colour - slightly. All good including the colour change - the new colour is a 'warmer' yellow. It is narrower which is fine for a side sleeper like myself but laying on my back my arms were clear of the mattress, I'd want it to be wider if that's how I got my Zzzz's.

This is a step up, again, in my camp comfort. The full length means I don't have to use my rucksack under my feet/legs if the ground is hard or cold, I don't have a 6cm drop off around my hip/thighs, and I can have my Exped Pillow on the mat rather than stacked on trainers, spare clothing, etc so is less prone to migrate. The only down side is the 60g increase in weight over the old mattress but am I bothered? Not in the least, as I can make weight savings else where by drilling more holes in my toothbrush handle.


GeoffC said...

What was your process for getting a replacement for the delaminated mattress?. Did you go through the retailer?.
Ours have started to deflate quite badly in the night, might be worth a try.

baz carter said...

I bought the original from Cotswolds in town, so took it in and showed them the blister that had started forming around the valve. They filled out some paperwork and sent it away. I got a call a couple of weeks later saying that Cascade Designs had agreed to replace it and the nearest model was the Xlite Regular.

GeoffC said...

Thanks Baz. With a very slow leak there is nothing I can show them, but I'll bear it in mind.

Gerry said...

That looks like a very nice and perfect size groundcloth. What brand is it or is something you made?

baz carter said...

It's a foot print for a Vaude Taurus II if I remember correctly. said...