Thursday, 10 November 2011

classic kit - green top poly bottle

I'm going to start a competition by posing the question, how old is this bit of kit? But any self respecting backpacker will already know the answer to this without needing to reach for their copy of the 1976 book Backpacking in Britain by Derrick Booth and Robin Adshead... Doh!

I'll claim that this one isn't that old but it isn't that far off. I only have two of these left, and they still get used for carrying dried milk and fresh coffee these days, not some freeze dried stuff like yesteryear.

One of the best culinary tips I gleaned at the time was to break eggs into a jug and decant them into a (larger) Green Top poly bottle. Devoid of shell they could be carried without any chance of being broken - that had already been done at home! From an advert at the time where the question was posed, 'How do you like your eggs? Fried or boiled?' Well boiled is the only way you can't serve them.


Alan Sloman said...

I had two of those for the Pennine Way when I was a lad. I was 19 so that make it 1974 (I think)

One was for sugar and one was for paraffin for the Primus stove. My kit used to reek of paraffin...

Joe Newton said...

Great bottle for winter, wide mouth doesn't freeze shut and lid that can be opened with mittens!

Rob said...

Ok, I'll bite - as I don't have the 1976 reference doc - how long does an egg last in a bottle before, well, it is best to open the bottle wearing NBC kit?

baz carter said...

@ Alan - I had another bit of classic kit for the fuel - another clasic kit post in the offing :)

@ Joe - you're right about the ease of opening, sadly they dont make 'em any more.

@ Rob - depends on the weather but the book recommends using the eggs on the first/second days... As a disclaimer it's the individual's call on whether the contents are edible. And not being there I cant be held to account.